Catholic Life

Pupils at St Paulinus have a strong sense of belonging both within the school and the wider community. They understand the Catholic nature of the school and the Mission Statement and can discuss its meaning and relevance to their own lives.

Children take responsibility for leading liturgies for the younger children. At Advent and Lent we display the children’s contributions to these sessions. These sessions are a joy and are deeply rooted in their own faith journeys. We also invite Parents to come into school for ‘Stay & Pray’ sessions at least once every term.

Children actively plan and lead liturgies within their classes. This is evident through the books particularly in Key Stage 2. Children also take part in the preparation for weekly Mass and have an active part e.g. readings, preparation of gifts, bidding prayers. We lead a whole School Mass on a Friday once every term and this is well attended by parents & parishioners.

The choir is used to leading the school in musical prayer. They sing in Church regularly and the school has joint Parish/School collective worship through the Friday morning Mass, Advent Parish Celebration and the recent School Mission Review work in the school, which the parents also joined us. Children have periodically led lunchtime liturgy groups and have also used the prayer garden with their teachers and also independently.

We also are a valuable part of the wider Guisborough community contributing to the St Nicholas Christmas Tree Festival, visiting Care Homes, taking part in National Care Home Day (a day of knitting), Carol Singing and hosting Assembly visits from both the Methodist Church and Baptist speakers. All of this contributes to the pupils’ sense of belonging to the school community and their relationship with those from different backgrounds. Children are proud of this work that they do to support others less fortunate then themselves.

Children respect the religious areas of our school with a focus point in every classroom and one outside of the Head Teacher’s office. They also prepare liturgical areas of the class and prepare the areas for different liturgical themes. They respect the beauty and wonder of the new church next door and enjoy celebrating Mass with the parish. Children also serve at Mass on a regular basis all of which cements their relationship with the community.

Children’s behaviour is a testament to how they truly live out the school’s mission statement. They are able to relate to the teaching of Jesus with regard to forgiveness and reconciliation. (Inspection June 2014)