Parent Council

Parent Council 2022 Update

We recognise that the greatest factor influencing the success of a child in school is the parents. To help us ensure that we continue to develop effective systems which allow us to seek and listen to the views of parents across the school and involve parents in decision making processes, we would like to re-establish a Parent Council to represent the views of the parent body.

The Parent Council is a group of parent volunteers, who aim to represent your views and opinions as a parent of the school.

The Aims of the Parent Council:

  • Represent the view of all parents
  • Report back to parents on matters discussed
  • Support the school in its work with pupils and on matters of school improvement
  • To give parents a voice and increase their active involvement in decision making
  • To develop a partnership to support and promote pupil learning

The Parent Council has:

  • An advisory role – advising the Head teacher on matters of importance to the parent body.
  • A consultative role – a system for consulting parents on matters of school improvement and change.

The year group representatives work collectively as a group, taking the comments and ideas from parents and carers to meetings with the Head teacher each half-term. Any action following each meeting will be decided upon by the school’s senior leaders based on a thorough exploration of the issues raised.

In the past, the Parent Council has discussed uniform, communication, homework, after school clubs- the list is endless.

You do not have to be voted onto the Parent Council as every parent is a member, as they are a parent! I just ask that we have a willing team of parents from each individual class so that all aspects of school can be discussed. Don’t be shy, we have a hall that can fit over a hundred people in if we need to!

Everyone on the Parent Council will bring something different and something useful to help St Paulinus Catholic Primary School be successful.

How your Parent Council can make the difference?

Learning begins (and continues) at home. Parents and families are children’s first teachers and continue to make a difference to children’s learning as they grow older. Information and support can help parents make the most of family activities to help children learn and develop.

Parents and Schools as Partners

There are lots of ways in which schools, parents, families and the community can work together to give children and young people the best possible education. Schools are most effective when they develop positive relationships with parents and the community they serve.

Giving parents a voice

There can be many ways of gaining the views of parents and finding out what is important to them. We complete an annual parent questionnaire but often the questions are centred around large topic areas.

Reasons for developing parent voice

Firstly, children do better when their parents are involved in their education. By developing a close partnership between parents and the school, children will benefit.

Secondly, parents can contribute to school improvement. They often have ideas about how things could be done differently or better to suit children and parents. Listening to their views can strengthen the school.

And thirdly, many school policies have a direct impact on parents, such as the homework policy, the behaviour policy and the uniform policy. It is important therefore that you have a say. If parents are consulted and their views are taken account of they are more likely to be supportive of the school.

How can the Parent Council support these relationships and work with the school to achieve its objectives and make improvements where needed? You may want to consider your school’s development plan and think about your own activities to support those of the school. Also consider what the school does well and what might be something we can do to improve.

With all this in mind now is the time to call for volunteers. If you are a working parent do not worry as we can host future meetings after school at a more convenient time for all members of the group. If you feel you would like to join the Parent Council then please fill the form in below. I propose that the first meeting of the Parent Council will be in February 2022 after all pupils have been dropped off.

Please make every effort to come as in this meeting I will share the following information:

  • Update on the School’s achievements at Key Assessment Points
  • Update on the School’s Development Plan
  • Update on the development of Enquiry based learning across the school.
  • Update on our Curriculum offer to children across the school.
  • Anything else you wish to discuss.

Tea/Coffee and biscuits on arrival.